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The marine industry is a tough sector to work in and one accompanied by many risks. 

From cargo theft to supply chain disruption, the marine market is one you don’t want to navigate without proper support. 

What you need is an insurance broker who understands the risks you face and can provide tailored solutions to protect your goods.


marine cargo insurance broker

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Insurance solutions that are made to measure.
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A marine cargo insurance policy as unique as your business.

The production and transportation of goods has and always will come with the potential for damage and loss. 

In the current economic climate, we know the importance of ensuring your goods are adequately covered. 

If your business is involved in the importation, exportation or UK sending of goods, or a one-off single transit, you will require a cargo insurance policy. 

And that’s where we come in. 

No matter whether you transport your goods across land, sea or air, with your own vehicles, or via third party transportation, we will deliver you a custom policy that protects the full value of your goods. 

Furthermore, our policy will be tailored to support your needs, going above and beyond the cover offered by carrier’s insurance which may be limited in liability to a lower amount. 

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Find the marine cargo insurance cover for you.

Backed by years of experience delivering marine cargo insurance solutions to the highest of standards, our team of specialist brokers will work meticulously to cater to your needs. 

We take the time to learn what type of cover you require and can do so for businesses of any size – from smaller, local and regional companies to large, complex multi-nationals. 

And you can rest assured we will accommodate you no matter what type of goods you are distributing. 

From specialist cargo and high-risk goods to the transportation of plant, machinery and domestic non-sales movements, our marine cargo policy will be adapted to suit your specifications. 

Whatever your cargo or transit requirements, we can support you with all elements of your contracts, conditions and conventions and even extend cover to include storage risks. 

As a fully independent insurance broker, we’ll always deliver products that protect your interests, not our own. 

  • First class customer service
  • Insurance broking specialists that understand the property industry
  • Bespoke insurance policies built around your business
  • Dedicated claims team to assist you when you need us
  • Maximum return on your investment, with minimal hassle
Speak with an experienced marine cargo insurance broker you can trust.
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Want to know more?

Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our marine cargo insurance policies.

What is marine cargo insurance cover?

Marine cargo insurance provides cover for loss and damage to a wide variety of goods being transported to insured regions around the world or within the UK by road, rail, air or sea.

Examples of when you could be covered include the sinking or collision of a cargo ship and the damage or loss of goods during natural disasters or theft. 

The term ‘marine cargo’ can be misleading as the goods don’t need to be transported by sea for the policy to be suitable.

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marine cargo insurance brokers

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What additional covers are available?

Marine cargo policies can be tailored to include additional covers:

  • Stock throughput (loss or damage to goods whilst at stored premises)
  • Exhibition risks
  • Trade samples
  • Tools and equipment
Why should I have marine cargo insurance?

Marine cargo insurance ensures that your goods will be covered if they suffer physical damage or are lost.

By arranging your own cover, you are in control of the insured value and can guarantee that your goods are covered for their full value.

Establishing this is crucial to avoid what is known as ‘general average’ – a principle which can be declared in the event of a large loss or disaster such as the sinking of a cargo ship at sea.

If the general average principle is declared, a proportional value of the damaged cargo must be paid by all cargo owners, distributing the cost between all.

You may also be contractually required to have marine cargo insurance if your sales contract calls for goods to be insured until their final destination.

What is stock throughput insurance?

Stock throughput insurance is a single policy designed for covering all transits and stock exposures for companies that import, distribute or export merchandise. 

In essence, the policy covers a company’s inventory and the flow of goods from the source of production to its final destination, whether this be at a place of storage or a retail store, for example.

Under this type of insurance, all moveable goods are covered at all times whether they are in transit or undergoing a process, although damage caused by a manufacturing process isn’t covered. 

Benefits of using this insurance include avoiding possible duplication or gaps in cover and the potential for claims to be simplified and premiums to be lowered. 

The Bletchley Group can cover pick and pack operations.

What is freight and warehouse keepers’ liability?

This type of cover provides legal liability protection for the loss or damage of goods in accordance with standard trading conditions, international conventions, statutes, and liability under common law.

It can be offered for supply chain management and it can be extended to include cover for contracts where an increased limit of liability is required.

Freight & warehouse keepers liability can cover errors and omissions, negligent acts, and clerical errors such as the misdirection or mis delivery of goods.

Why do I need marine cargo cover if I’m using a haulier?

It is prudent to take out marine cargo insurance rather than to rely on the haulier to cover the goods.

This is because the haulier will only cover their legal liabilities for loss or damage so the hauliers’ conditions of carriage may not be sufficient to cover the cost of the lost or damaged goods.

An example of this would be if the haulier is carrying under the Road Haulage Association (RHA) conditions of carriage 2009 which provides £1,300 of cover per tonne under standard RHA conditions.

This could leave the owner of a three tonne transit valued at £25,000 significantly out of pocket in the event of a loss.

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