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Cardinus Risk Management is a leading health, safety and risk management specialist offering online and on-site solutions for all areas of business and have been providing services to the world’s largest organisations for over 20 years.

Specialising in safety and risk management, Cardinus offer complete solutions for display screen equipment compliance, safety training and consultancy, property risk management, insurance surveys, security and all elements of fleet risk management.

Cardinus software solutions utilise a variety of techniques to encourage employee and organisational behaviour change, to assist with the identification and management of risk and to simplify the logistical challenges of an organisation-wide risk reduction programme. Our products and services can be blended to mix low cost, efficient software with in-depth, expert onsite training and consultancy across a wide range of industry sectors and categories of risk.

Thousands of organisations across the globe use Cardinus’ services to reduce work-related discomfort, manage property risk, minimise accidents and injury, increase employee productivity and comply with legislation.

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