If your organisation has employees that drive as part of their work responsibilities then you have a legal and moral obligation to manage your fleet risk.

Better, safer drivers save your business significant money in insurance and claims costs along with reduced fuel costs.

Did you know?

Nearly a third of all fatal crashes and a quarter of all serious injury crashes in Britain involve someone driving for work.

Organisations that employ people who drive for work, including those who travel for business in their own, or in a company car, have a duty of care to ensure their drivers are safe.

How can we help?

Cardinus Risk Management has been providing fleet risk management solutions for over 15 years.

Services include fleet auditing, in-vehicle driver training, e-learning and licence checking, a suite of classroom training and risk management.

What are the benefits?

  • Ensure Duty of Care and save lives
  • Reduce cost in bent metal, fuel and insurance premiums
  • Reducing reputational damage

Cardinus Risk Management

Cardinus Risk Management provides UK-wide driver training and fleet services, carrying out thousands of training sessions and audits each year.

Their services are validated by respected industry bodies such as the IIRSM, as are their processes with ISO certifications for Quality & Assurance (9001) Health & Safety (45001), Environmental (14001) and Data Protection (27001).

Who should use Cardinus Risk Management?

  • Utilities
  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Commercial Fleet
  • Services
  • Agriculture
  • Transport and Logistics

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